ADW Consulting (ADW) was founded with strong vision for accelerating client’s business performance improvement using state the art of technology. Our creative solution is designed to improve the business effectiveness through streamlining the Supply Chain, and adopting best Program Office practices. ADW’s talented consulting team is strengthened with business practitioners who will compose innovative ideas for solution challenges and promote change leadership to their prominent clients.

Our service holistically integrates strategy, people, and technology improvement using Supply Chain Management and Program Management Office (PMO) as strategic tools. In addition, we give the business community, the relevant regulatory bodies, and all other stakeholders the access to an unrivalled real-time information center. Our one-stop service also offers the entire industry a simple, fast, and efficient business transaction engine.

Our innovative spirit is reflected in ADW’s practice structure, which organizes our professionals, by their background and expertise, setting world-class standards for team performance. The team is a combination of industry experts, supply-chain management and project management specialists, experienced content specialist, and talented information technology consultants.

Our phylosophy of services comes from our name Anggada Duta Wisesa which means a knowledge house that enlightening the business world with respect and sincerity.