Business Services Information Services

Our business improvement service is designed to assist client in leveraging their business performance by using strategic management tools such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Program Management Office (PMO), and Balance Score Card. It includes also the effective adoption of the Information Technology as catalyst in performing the improvement initiatives.

Our business services covers…

  1. Business Consulting, for CHANGE and improvement of corporate business processes in alignment with its strategy. It includes the tools to facilitate the organization in performing the new business processes.
    • Strategic Enterprise Program Management (EPM / PMO)
    • SCM & Procurement Management
    • Strategic Information Technology and Planning

  2. Technology Implementation, for speeding up the CHANGE process and optimizing the business operation. It promotes value added tasks within the organization and reduces the clerical jobs. Ultimately, the technology-based business tools will be used as a strategic weapon for competition.
    • IT Project Management Services
    • Application Software Development and Implementation
    • IT Services and Outsourcing

  3. People Empowerment & Capacity Building. People readiness within the organization for continuous CHANGES will become a key success factor for all of our services offering. Therefore, we put a high degree of effort in doing communication, training, mentoring and socialization to all stakeholders relate to our implementation. We have strong reputation in providing training & workshop in the area of:
    • Strategic and Enterprise Project & Program Management
    • Supply Chain Management & Procurement Management
    • IT Management
    • Managing CHANGE